First Lady Henrietta Hoard


Lady Hoard performs all the duties of an evangelist. She has ministered in the hospital,s prisons, by-ways and highways, strengthened pastors, and women all over the nation. In the meantime, she has continued instant in prayes and fasting so that the prayer breakfasts, conventions, and other speaking engagement might be full of the Holy Ghost, miracles and God's spirit may be manifested and souls surrendered to the power of God. While continuing to be a dutiful wife, vigilant mother of eight, and instructor of righteousness to twenty grandchildren as well as confidant to the faithful.

1976-Founding Pastor of the House of God in Portmouth, Ohio(membership from 8 to 175 souls in 10 years)

1978-Anointed missionary and pastor of the Portsmouth House of God assembly by Eccelesiastical appointment of Bishop S.P. Rawlings, Chief Apostle

1980-Ordained Evangelist at the National Convocation

1981-Produced and published record album with Celestial Sounds, "Do You Know My God?"

1982 & 1983-Began international evangelisms in Canada and Jamaica

1986-Eccelesiastically appointed National/International Evangelist of House of God, Inc.

1995-Published songwriter with BMI on husband's "It is Written" project

1995-Assisted husband, Elder Ronald A. Hoard, in establishing the Commandments of God, in Columbus, Ohio.

1996-1998-Instrumental in directing and co-writing and producting gospel plays

2000-present-Deisgned and directs the operation of Ephphatha Outreach Ministries

2003-present-Envisioned and estalished "Women Bound for Higher Heights," a women's empowering group